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Promotional products are tangible items printed with a company name, logo, message or other designs and usually served as an advertisement or for branding purposes. They can be many different things, and almost any physical product can be printed on or embellished with a custom design. They can also be used for team and company uniforms, important signage, permits, or medical forms. Almost every business in the world uses some form of promotional product.

A promotional item is printed (decorated) based on the material being printed on, and in many circumstances combination with the design and number of colors in the imprint. Some materials have multiple imprint options, while others only have one. PlexKey offers a variety of custom logo products that all have different imprint and decoration methods such as; Screen-Printing; Embroidery, Dye-Sublimation, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing/Direct to Garment, Pad Printing, UV Printing, Embossing/Debossing, and more.

Promotional items are found all around us in our everyday lives. Custom printed t-shirt and hats, backpacks, Bluetooth speakers, shot glasses, and coasters. They can be used in various ways such as road signs, tags on our clothing, food and consumer products packaging, banners, flags, coins, awards and more.

Promotional Products work best when the products are designed with a goal in mind. Promotional products are used to promote a business, brand or message to an audience, create invitations, or advertise at a ball park using a giant banner. In their most basic sense, to use any promotional item, the company advertising must provide their printed product to the intended audience they wish to attract. The recipient of a well thought out promotional item will be prompted to interact with the printed item, and your company logo will be seen time and time again. If for example your company gave away 500 Travel Mugs; your company is now advertising to the recipient, (and 499 other prospects) that are each using your travel mug everyday for their beverages. As a bonus, others will see your logo because the original recipient uses their travel mug in public, at work, or on a road trip with family or friends.


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