About PlexKey

About Us 


At PlexKey, we offer custom promotional products, printed marketing materials, and logo apparel to businesses and organizations throughout the U.S.

The effect tangible branded products have on their recipient is far reaching, and memorable. There is no other form of advertising that can match the impact of a promotional product.


Professionally printed and strategically implemented promotional campaigns create engagement, recognition, awareness and many other positive interactions for your business.


We work directly with our clients on every order, we don't just sell products. We provide our clients with knowledge, insight, and guidance to create memorable advertising your clients will not only remember you for, but possibly thank you for.

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Providing custom branded solutions to businesses of all sizes is our job, but it's also our passion and we want to see our clients and their companies thrive.


When you work with us, you are getting a promotional consultant, not just a product.

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