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Who We Are

PlexKey Promotional Marketing Group LLC was established in October of 2018 and has progressed significantly since then. Our desire to help companies expand inspired us to establish a firm dedicated to supporting small businesses on a tight budget. We work with our clients to effectively connect them with their intended audiences through tangible, strategically designed, and professionally manufactured promotional products.

Today, PlexKey proudly supplies promotional products and services, to businesses and organizations of all sizes across the United States. We're thrilled that we've been able to transform our passion for growth into a company that helps other people accomplish their business goals.  


What We Do

We work with our clients on a consultative foundation. The final printed products we offer, are the result of learning about the message you want to communicate to your clients, staff, and audience.

Each promotional campaign is distinct in its own way.

We make it our mission to understand your business, its core values, and the brand you're seeking to build. We approach every product we produce based upon those parameters.

We want to help ensure that your promotional items are consistent with your brand, that they prompt action from the intended recipients, and that they create a lasting and unforgettable impression.

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