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PlexKey company stores are a fully integrated business solution that allows your employees, players, or fans to order all of their branded items while maintaining your organization's brand requirements. Your store will feature the custom logo products you choose, with the art, color, and quantity you approve, from over 1 million products. With up-to-the-minute reporting and order status, you can keep track of every order.




Online corporate stores can be utilized to engage your audience in a variety of ways. Fundraising, Team Uniform ordering, internal employee only use, or consumer facing as an e-commerce shop. 



An online business store helps your firm maintain brand consistency, streamline fulfillment and delivery, and save time and money.



Allow players and parents to order uniforms via the internet. Maintain orders, make distribution simple, give sizing guides, and ship products directly to players or coaches. 



Fundraisers have never been easier with PlexKey Company Stores. Allow the entire world to support your cause, walk, or fundraising. 



Offer bespoke apparel for your podcast, live streams, and gaming channels to give your biggest fans and followers a chance to show their support.



PlexKey is a source for other artists, crafters, and resellers. Stock up on blank apparel, drinkware, and anything else you may need to run your crafting business.



Now you can provide your Club members with an online pro shop loaded with expertly curated golf goods, apparel, and accessories all year long.



Web stores are an excellent method to increase donations raised at your fundraising event. They are a simple, effective, and practical technique to get more people to donate to the cause.


Start Your Own Merch Store

Print-on-demand drop shipping allows you to sell products without having to keep inventory. There are no minimums on over 6,000 products, and thousands of apparel items.


Built For Your Company


Launch a fully-branded online store for your company - your logo, your colors,

Easy-to-Use Tools


Automatically send order confirmation emails and receipts for every purchase. Track order status, download sales reports, open and close Store, all at the click of a button.

Simple & Efficient Ordering


Easily add employee or department names to pre-approved products.

Recommend additional products during checkout to increase order value

Convenient Payment & Fulfillment


  • Make it easy for individuals to order online and pay online with credit cards or via purchase orders.
  •  Offer gift cards or coupons to incentive purchases or reward employees.
  •  Ship orders directly to your team or individual addresses.


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