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At PlexKey, we provide our clients with custom decorated products. Due to the nature of customization, there are many factors involved in professionally producing the products our clients are envisioning. From sourcing and product selection, decoration methods, and budgets, to brand alignment, proof approval and artwork, each step is part of a process designed to keep your order on track, within budget, and accurately printed or produced. We are here to guide you through each step.


 Creating an Account

All of our clients should create a free user profile on our website or via e-mail. This information includes your name, company name, e-mail address, shipping information and sometimes more depending on the type of entity you represent. (eg; Non Profits must submit their tax exempt certificate, resellers will need to submit their resellers certificate etc..)

Product Inquiries

When you or your company are looking for unique, budget friendly, and high impact ways to promote your business, you will have many options to choose from when you work with PlexKey. With so many options, there are sometimes many questions you may have about the products you are interested in. We are here to help! Each product on our website has a button labeled "Request Info". Once we receive your inquiry a member of our dedicated Promo Specialists will contact you.

Request For Quote

Similar to Product inquiries; if you already know what you want, but you need a written quote, there is a button for that too! Click the "Request a quote" button on any product, fill out the necessary fields and submit your request. If we need more information to send you a quote we will reach out to you directly for clarification, or if we have everything we need, simply sit back and relax while we curate your custom promotional product quote.

Placing an Order

Once an item/order has been quoted your next step is to place your order. You can place your order directly from our quote, directly from the product page, or via e-mail. 


PlexKey does not finance orders. All orders must be paid in full prior to beginning any work on an order, unless otherwise authorized by a member of our team. We encourage you to plan out your marketing campaign as detailed as you can, and to consider your timeline and budget when requesting quotes, product inquiries and ordering. 

Proof Approval/Order Holds

After you send us or upload your artwork and prior to sending your order into production, we will send you a free digital art proof for your approval. The proof is a digital representation of your product and how it will look once printed or embellished. Your proof will include artwork sized to scale, imprint area dimensions, colors being used, stitch count (if doing embroidery) and any other information that you may need to see before sending to production. 

All order will have a proof sent for approval. If you do not want a proof we have a special document you will need to sign waiving the proof. We do not recommend waiving a production proof. The proof is your last chance to finalize the order, check for errors or typos and once the order goes to production, no changes can be made, and any errors will no be the responsibility of PlexKey. Once a proof is sent, your order will remain on HOLD until you approve it.

If you place an order with us and you need art created, you first get an internal mockup of the art you requested. This does not serve as the production proof, however any delay in response will effect your production time and delivery date. We encourage our clients to be ready to to review and approve their art as quickly as possible. We will do our best to send you a reminder that your order is on hold by sending you "HOLD NOTIFICATIONS". We only send 3. The first Hold Notice will be sent via e-mail to all parties involved in the order 24 hours after the delivery of the initial question/clarification e-mail. If after our 3rd attempt you do not reply, we will not continue to send you reminders. Your order will remain on hold until you approve it.  PlexKey is not liable for any missed events in hands dates, delayed production or expedited shipping due to proof holds not replied to. 

If your order remains on hold for more than 30 days, we will assume you have cancelled your order and we will issue a refund to the same payment method you used to pre-pay. There will not be a full refund under any circumstances. Once you place your order and make your payment, the job is considered "in process" and any charges/expenses/labor we incur will be charged to you.  Any cancellation will have a minimum charge of 10% of order total. For example, if you order business cards and pre-pay your invoice of $400, and we don't hear from you for after 3 attempts, we will only refund you $360. (10% of $400 = $40). If you ask us to create artwork for you and have not paid for it, but then do not approve your proof after 3 attempts, we will charge you $55 an hour, minimum one hour, for the the labor involved in creating the art plus the 10% of the order total. 

We don't want to take your money for nothing, but our staff does not work for free. Please be ready to proceed when you place an order. If there are extenuating circumstances we are happy to discuss alternative solution's should your order fall into the above scenario. Communication is Key.


All orders for physical product will have a shipping/freight charge unless otherwise advised by a member of our team. We encourage our clients to create their own Shipping Account with FedEx or UPS and provide us with the shipping number. This will save you money on shipping, and also cut down on invoices and labor for both PlexKey and our clients. 

If you do not have a shipper number to provide us at the time of pre-payment, we will keep your credit card on file, and we will bill you for shipping 1-3 weeks after your order delivers. 


The size of your order, the type of product, and the final delivery location(s) all play a part in delivering your order. We will need to know if your delivery location is commercial or residential, do yo have a lift gate, freight elevator, front door, back door etc...If we attempt to deliver your order and the information provided was not accurate, the shipping carrier may charge you additional handling fees. 

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