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More Than Giveaways

PlexKey provides a variety of programs, products, and services to assist and support the growth of the businesses and organizations we work with. 

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It's more than just promo and giveaways here at PlexKey. We'll show you how to use promotional products, and provide insights and industry knowledge to your business in order to help you decrease spend, while increasing your ROI.

Promotional Products
Promotional Products

Browse thousands of Promotional Products and design memorable, lasting advertising

Logo Apparel
Branded Apparel

Team Uniforms, Corporate Outfitting, Scrubs, Safety Wear and More

Print Marketing Materials
Print Marketing Materials

Business Cards, Invitations, Brochures, Banners and all your other printing needs.

Graphic Design and Logo Services
Graphic Design

Branding, Graphic Design, and Logo Services. Need small revisions or a total rebrand? We got you covered.


Custom Merch Stores
Merch Stores

Easily Re-Order your businesses frequently purchased promo items, saving time and money all in one convenient store front.

Custom Boxes and Packaging
Custom Packaging

Food and Product Labeling, Branded Boxes, and Special Packaging. Designed and Printed to Fit Your Specific Requirements.

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